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Chris + Beth = 3!

Congratulations to Chris and Beth. Benjamin Alexander Riess, was born at 10:18 pm August 24. He weighed in at 8lb. 3oz. and is 21 inches long. Pictures to come–Pictures are here.

P.S. Please ignore the Buy Now $29.99. I don’t think this kid is for sale.

Photo recap of Chris and Beth’s Wedding

This is a belated posting from early summer. Here is a slideshow of selected images from the event held in Cincinnati at the Krohn Conservatory in June 2010.

Down in the right hand corner of the slideshow frame there is an SL for in place slideshow, an FS for a beautiful full-screen showing of the pictures and don’t click the last one, it’s just an add for the software. ¬†Also, I was able to put captions on some–just click when you see a small italic “i” for information.

Chris and Beth's Wedding

A re-wedding event held in Cincinnati at the Krohn Conservatory in June 2010 during a Japanese butterfly show.

[img src=]60Beth's sistern
[img src=]50Chris and Beth
[img src=]50A couple's moment
[img src=]50Chris with his grooms
[img src=]70Beth with her entourage
[img src=]50Pinning Chris
[img src=]90
[img src=]80
[img src=]50Chris and friend
[img src=]40Cousin Lee representing the East Coast
[img src=]30Chris, the man of the hour
[img src=]30Chris escorted down the aisle
[img src=]40
[img src=]30Cousin Claire representing the West Coast
[img src=]70Wow!
[img src=]80Wow again!
[img src=]70Beth with her parents
[img src=]50Chris and Beth with Grandma
[img src=]50Chris with Mickey