7 thoughts on “Need a Caption”

  1. HOWEVER . . . (ah, you did a dangerous thing allowing your fool sister to respond . . . especially so close to the Winter Solstice . . . my 13th anniversary):
    Caption (ooo sorry Brian): “Gosh, I pushed so hard, and this was the best I could do!”

  2. – Maybe I do need glasses…
    – Bonnie must be throwing some big parties.
    – It saves me from having to get up.
    – My parents taught me not to drink wine out of the bottle, so…
    – Claire, how is this supposed to fit in the dishwasher?
    – I could use this, but the liquor cabinet’s locked.
    – Where’s a Chateau Neuf de Pape when I need it?

  3. I’m sure there’s a hole in this glass!

    Or– “Fee Fi Fo Fanny, this one comes down the beanstalk with me!

    Or what he really said when he picked it up: “Bonnie, can I use this one next time?”

  4. “I picked up Olaf’s glass again”

    ” Can we keep this”

    ” Hey! A great Olaf Christmas gift”

    ” We should always drink from this”

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