Morgan Family Reunion, August 2016


Dear Family Members,

I am currently managing the Cartoon Cafe at the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Camp-Resort in Natural Bridge, Virginia.

For the record, after 4 years on the road in my little Winnebago, this is the most beautiful and luxurious resort I’ve ever stayed in. I’ve pretty much decided to make this resort my permanent summer destination. It’s friendly, compatible, has tons of amenities and they seem to like my approach to managing their cafe. (I’m a pure capitalist and am starting to make them a PROFIT!)

I’d like to suggest that all family members start to think about coming to Natural Bridge, Virginia next August (2016) for a Morgan Family Reunion. Here’s why:

The last time all Morgan kids were together was 21 years ago. It’s time. The new generation of Morgans, (and Chapmans, Cordes’ Krulls, Tabenckis, Dombrowas, Lamoureuxs and Riess’) need to get to know each other. This resort is the ideal location for that. It has over a hundred acres, which include RV spots, tent camping spots, and even fully equipped cabins interspersed throughout.

This resort is family oriented. During the summer season, they have a full time activities director for kids. Jacob and his crew organize full day activities for kids, including finger painting, arts, crafts, dancing, hay wagon rides with Yogi etc. Kids LOVE IT! Especially meeting Yogi Bear. Jellystone caters to kids 2 and up and they really do a good job. This is kid heaven. (Jellystone’s website doesn’t do this place justice)

For adults, think about plopping your butt in a giant inner tube and floating down the James River for 4 hours. (Jellystone will drive you and pick you up) Think about catching a fish and cooking it on your own firepit. In other words, adults can also enjoy themselves. We’ve got a basketball court, video arcade, water park, pool, miniature golf, cafe, and a beach on the James River. Golf carts are available for transport. And park offers several private tent camping spots that can accomodate up to 8 tent campers in their own private area. Very cool.

For family members that don’t get along, no worry. This place is so huge that you can reserve a spot far away from them šŸ™‚

Brian: We are just now constructing a bandstand in the upper level which would be perfect for you (and/or Dan Crow) to perform. (paid) Bandstand is located in a large sunny valley, right next to the forest, which contains cabins and RV spots. A Beautiful setting.

Olaf: Cartoon Cafe needs renovation. Paid work or free vacation possible.

Yogi Bear comes into the cafe every day at 9:30 and 12:30 and is available for personal visits. Kids love it! All Morgan, Chapman, Krull and Lamoureux kids can also rely on me mistakenly giving them a larger scoop of ice cream than normal during our bi-weekly ice cream socials.

Every Saturday, there is a dance band down by the lake. (attn: Brian) And there are tons of BBQs, cook-outs etc organized by yours truly.

I know this proposition might not be affordable for west coast families. Rest assured that financial assistance and reduced fees for camping and/or cabin sites are available. Management has given me leeway… so financial considerations for many family members can be addressed by me (or other family members.) My rig will be available for anyone who needs it. It sleeps 4 (5 in a crunch) comfortably and is available to any west coast family that needs it. (No charge)

So guys – no excuses. Start planning now. For any questions, please contact Bonnie Morgan or myself ( for more specifics. This could be a memorable life event. Think on it and then call Bonnie at 310 455-3908 and confirm. Any financial problems you have can be worked out. Details to follow.

Let me know. Please. Check out the website.


PS. In other news: Although I am the only Morgan kid without a college degree, I just got a request from McMaster University in Ontario, wanting permission to use my article on the sale of body parts from executed prisoners in China to teach in one of their college courses. How cool is that?!

6 thoughts on “Morgan Family Reunion, August 2016”

  1. Interesting.

    Dont forget to mention that Natural Bridge is within an hour or 2 drive of scores of Civil War battlefields and national historic sites. Incredible history in the Shenandoah Valley and Shenandoah Mts


  2. What a great idea, Nancy! We do all need to see each other–together, in one place.
    I don’t know how to make it work, but a good idea is a great way to wheels turning!

    Love to all,

  3. Hi from a Morgan second cousin! Ferrol Morgan, youngest sister to Mona and Jim was my grandmother. I would like to join the blog if okay with everyone. I am a retired math teacher (but promise not to ask anyone to do interest rate problems or find the area subtended by two curves.) As for the link to my family website, it does contain the Morgan family as well. If you are interested, please visit! The site software is very odd, asking visitors to request an invitation to view the site, but I will okay any of your requests as soon as I get them.

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