Molly enjoying kid-made snow from the rosepetals
Molly relaxing with kid-made snow from the rosepetals

Dear Family and Friends,

Molly has passed on, quickly and quietly during the night. She was such a happy dog, right up to the end. The most sociable dog in all of Topanga, she will be missed by 95% of those who knew her, and there were many. I say 95% because she was indeed a nuisance to some. She loved to spend her days visiting others, in fact we know of two families with children and dogs who regularly invited her into their home. We would go looking for her and find her on someone’s living room couch with kids playing all around her. The people moved out and the same story played out with the next family to live there.

She was known to bring home gifts of all kinds–from a small decorated Christmas tree to leftover animal parts from our “wilderness”. She was a real “alpha” dog and tolerated no uppityness from any other dog. Until they were appropriately respectful she was merciless in taking them down. Once they succumbed they all got along fine. She was the Queen of Webb Trail and had expanded her territory to Bowers Drive and heaven knows where else.

We were always nervous of her around the grandbabies because of that but she delighted in their presence and whenever there were children around she’d be there and always loved a party. She was extremely sensitive and was depressed for months when her partner in arms, Moe, was run over by the mailman (they used to delight in chasing after any wheeled vehicle that intruded  into her territory.) Only yesterday she barked up a storm at her familiar UPS delivery guy until he gave her a cookie. She hopped down off his truck, satisfied with the gesture of obedience.

Let’s hope she’s having a great romp with Moe right now, best friends forever.

molly loved a party, especially sleepovers
Molly on a "sleepover"
Queen Molly