Halloween and the Haunting

Some images from our Halloween adventures.

This is a new slideshow program, not the best. BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE SMALL i (in upper right hand corner!) TO SEE THE CAPTIONS FOR EACH PHOTO. After that, hover at the bottom and click on slideshow/fullscreen for great effects; just be sure to read the captions first.

3 thoughts on “Halloween and the Haunting”

  1. Wow… thanks, Mom! You and Janek, ahem…. the Duke…. did such a great job of spooking us! I loved the cream of white scorpion and eye of newt soup!

    It was a happy halloween!!!
    Thank you both!

  2. Wow! What an “all out” Halloween! Fantastic House of Horrors! We have some trick or treaters on our “Cult de sac” but the rest celebrate “All Saints Day” and dress up as St. Anthony, or St. Bernadette or some other saintly Biblical character. Believe me, they look as scary as you guys!
    Love, Cookie, Poppy and Hana the Ghost Dog ^..^ ))

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