Passing through Bangor – A post from Ike

Hey Folks,
Lindy and I got a surprise last Friday evening when Lee called from North Carolina and said that his deployment unit would be doing a stopover at the Bangor International Airport on their way to Germany/Kyrgyzstan/Afghanistan.

That gave us about 2 hours to get to the airport to greet him and 280 other Marines headed for a 7-month deployment in Afghanistan.

This will be Lee’s 2nd tour of Afghanistan.

When he left for his first tour in May 2009 we thought he would be doing a stopover in Bangor but instead flew directly from Cherry Point, NC to Ireland and then to Afghanistan.

Needless to say this was really cool because Lindy and I and her friend Dan were the only relatives greeting the Marines.

As you can see from some of the pictures Bangor has become world famous for its incredible troop greeter section.

Tens of Thousands of troops pass through here every year and are greeted (no matter the hour or day) by dedicated patriots.

There are all kinds of amenities and as you can see there is a massive amount of accumulated military memorabilia honoring those who have visited.

Hope you enjoy the pictures,


2 thoughts on “Passing through Bangor – A post from Ike”

  1. So glad you were able to see him off! Thank you for the pictures, Ike!
    Wishing the best for Lee,

  2. What a surprise gift from the universe! I’m so glad you got to see our boy heading out bravely again to the unknown. We are all with him in our deepest corners of our hearts, aren’t we.
    May he wear an invisible bubble of indestructible protection around him.

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