Dad and Lindy on the first day of Spring 2011

Lindy’s new 9mm handgun

Lindy finally got to try out her Christmas present from Dad.

It was a great first day of spring to give the thing a good workout.

Between Dad’s 22 long rifle handgun and Lindy’s 9mm we blasted off over a 120 rounds of awesome target practice.

We even had time to bottle 5 gallons of Ike’s home brew lager along with her friend Dan.

Oh yeah, this batch of beer was appropriately named  “LINDY’S 9mm LAGER”



One thought on “Lindy’s new 9mm handgun”

  1. Not that I’m a fan (or recovering fan) of beer and guns, but I was happy to see father and daughter having fun, and both enjoying a fond activity with friends. And then? The DE-BOTTLING!
    love you both,

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