Mickey Update II

Heard from Mom that Mickey was moved to St. Margaret Hall for rehabilitation very close to home. It appears that they did not treat her very well, although I don’t really know the details. Mickey was unhappy enough, however, to convince her doctor that she would be better off at home, so she was transported there. She has a few days of stay over nursing care and then she’ll be in Mom’s good hands.

I don’t know if she’s taking calls yet but I’m sure she’d love getting a message if you want to call or email because I’m sure she needs someone to tell her to keep her chin up!

Love you Mickey.

5 thoughts on “Mickey Update II”

    1. Thank you dear brother,
      What a saga! I was like a wrathful demon going out of my mind with untreated pain practically all day at St. Margaret Hall. I said horrible things to Mom and the facility’s workers against their horrible response to my pain. But I’m home, thank Buddha, and starting to feel better
      That’s all for now, Gotta sleep
      p.s. I’ll check out the video

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