Janek in the news

Janek spent his spring and summer doing what he loves best: building. And still, few would know much about it except for some of the events surrounding his client, and art dealer, Leslie Sacks. His client died just one week before it was completed and the building instead became the place of memorial for the man who had commissioned it.

This was what was written about it by an observer. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, at least scroll down to see all the great photos of the building.

3 thoughts on “Janek in the news”

  1. Not only is the glass house a stunning work of architecture, Janek, but also the writer in the Israeli newspaper does a lovely job of bringing the reader into the experience of the glass house. And then to see your drawings! Are you finally receiving the prestige you’ve deserved all along?
    much love and admiration,

  2. I’m not sure if this is posting or not, but maybe you could just tell Janek for me that his creation is beyond belief. It couldn’t have been more perfect. It’s a jewel, all started by the seed of a painting that needed a home and a man who loved art. Bravo Janek!

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