Ann Sturgis, July 29, 1925 – October 5, 2014

I’m hoping that most people know of Cousin Ann’s passing but I did think it was appropriate that it be chronicled on our family blog. First cousin to Poppy (Fred Morgan), I discovered her existence while working on the family genealogy. I found her address and met with her in San Diego after which Chris and Beth brought her up to Topanga for a memorable Thanksgiving family reunion.

Here are some other photos I grabbed off of Facebook. Joanna and Ryan Mickle are her children.

3 thoughts on “Ann Sturgis, July 29, 1925 – October 5, 2014”

  1. I never met Ann but but from her internet presence and family comments she was clearly an interesting and vivacious woman. Her picture as a young woman reminds me of Beatrice – the same auburn-haired Irish beauty!

  2. Oh my, sad day. Ann was such a special person. Today is one of the most beautiful Indian Summer days and I will remember her when I see these bright colors and feel the warm sun on my back from now on. She was just like this day, bright and warm and welcoming. We loved you Ann and always will.
    Lindsay and Fred Morgan

  3. I should have shared with you Bonnie, that Cousin Anna (she let me call her that because it was her real name), that over the last several years, Cousin Anna became my prime female spiritual adviser. I have many long letters between us (e-mail) until recently when she couldn’t type anymore.
    Gosh, there was no way to know she had died. How did you find out? I wish I had heard earlier . . . prayers are most important then, but it is not too late to hope for her rebirth in a place of less suffering. Thank you for this visual homage to her. Wonderful to see her. I am so sad never to have been able to touch her before she died.

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