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UPDATE FROM NANCY; God Bless Our Family

This is my first posting on our family forum. Just wanted to give a ‘Shout out’ 🙂 to members of my family that rallied to my support when I was in a position of desperate need.
‘Immediate family members’ may remember when my very empathetic sister, Mickey Morgan, sent out a e-mail to them asking for help in addressing my pressing financial needs. Thanks to Mickey’s e-mail, my faith in family has been restored and strenghtened.
Thank-you, Bonnie, for depositing money in my paypal account – Your extreme generosity allayed many of my financial fears at a time when they were threatening to overwhelm me.
Thank-you, Mickey, for sending me your gold ring and cash. Thanks to your generosity (and your e-mail), I had no fear of being destitute.
Thank you, Mom, for your financial efforts and response.
Thank-you, brother Ike, for your generous offer of continued financial support. And mostly, thank-you for your offer to co-sign a home equity loan for me. I know how much you hate debt and will never forget your offer to help bail me out.
And thank-you, Sara and Jef, for agreeing to co-sign a loan for me. I’m so glad it won’t be necessary…
I thank God that the majority of my family members are so empathetic and supportive.
This story has a happy ending.
My nephew, Lee Morgan, (Ike’s son) and his (as yet unmet bride) Erin, have decided to buy my home in South Carolina. Thus solving all of my financial problems.
Lee and Erin will be relocating to South Carolina on August 1, 2014. Lee, after his 2 tours in Afghanistan, will be enrolling in Coastal Carolina University. His wife, Erin, I expect, will obtain a nursing job at one of the many hospitals in Murrells Inlet that are desperate for nurses.
As for myself, I now have the ability to pursue options that were unavailable to me when I was financially destitute. And I have family support to thank for it. Color me happy:)
Nancy Morgan