Brian’s latest commercial

Brian’s latest commercial is airing all over the place and you may even have already seen it. He’s the singer and composer and you can hear some familiar little voices in the background!


5 thoughts on “Brian’s latest commercial”

  1. Cool!!! I have seen this commercial several times, but never recognized the voice(s)! Nice job Bri (and girls)! This is awesome!

  2. Great Job all of you! Very funny and cute. It makes me laugh! Poppy says they remind him of the East Coast White Castles…they come 4 to a box too.
    Love, Cookie

  3. There’s a White Castle about a mile from here . . . still goin’ strong since the days of stocking the blue and white Chevy with more than enough goodies from White Castle for 7 of us, then riding wildly over the humps, via Dad’s driving, to come to the perfect place to park on the little rise, and reach out to take the speaker to hook on the window . . . and munch munch munch we were happy with a double Western!

    Brian, you are soooo flexible. Your vocal range seems broad, and you seem to have an infinite number of vocal sounds/tones you can make. You’re new every time!

    1. Mickey, cool memories! I, too, remember the crazy driving over the berms causing everyone to squeal and scream! and the speaker! Just right, had to pull up just right. then out of the car and run for your life to the swings up front before it was too dark to see.

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