Morgan happenings in Exeter, Maine

Lee spent the month of September at home in Maine after finishing his 2nd Afghanistan tour.

He, Lindy and I had a great time at the Garland Days Home brew contest among other things. Lindy rode her horse in the Garland Days parade.

On Lee’s last night in Maine before heading back to Camp LeJeune we all had a great time at my place drinking beer and having an awesome gun shoot.

A few weeks earlier Lee purchased a Glock handgun and super cool assault rifle (civilian AR15) …you haven’t lived until you have fired off 20 rounds in 10 seconds with this baby

Along with Lindy’s 9mm and my 22 pistol and 22 magnum rifle we fired off almost 400 rounds (expensive but worth it)

Fun was had by all and Lee really enjoyed his last night at home.

Oh, and yes, my vegetable and fruit business is getting bigger and better each year!

Love to all,